By the end of the day the capital of Belarus was completely liberated by the troops of Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky and General of the army Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

However, before to rush on the streets of Minsk the tank of major-General Aleksey Burdeyny had three days to go with the fighting about 70 kilometers.

“These three days we didn’t have to sleep. We sometimes didn’t have time even to eat. But it’s all over now, my dear friends, there is Minsk – the capital city. Thousands of Soviet citizens there waiting for us, looking forward to its release. And forgetting about fatigue, we need to think about one thing: forward. In these battles, as never before, the glory and honor guards shall appear and be manifested with a new strength,” – said in the report about the combat operations, the commander of the 2nd tank battalion guards captain Squeaks.

the March was not a cakewalk. For example, on the outskirts of Minsk tanks T-34 under the command of guards senior Lieutenant Alexander Yakovlev killed up to 100 soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, and one antitank gun. Only from 26 June to 6 July 1944, a company of Yakovlev was destroyed 12 guns of different caliber, 26 guns, 47 armoured carriers, 462 cars, 1470 German soldiers and officers.

he Distinguished himself in battle on the streets of Minsk and tankers Dmitry Frolikov, which destroyed self-propelled gun “Ferdinand”, two anti-aircraft guns and anti-tank gun. For exemplary performance of command assignments and displaying courage and heroism of a Soviet officer was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. However, to award the tanker failed 2 Feb 1945, he died in the Lithuanian town Kybartai.

Demoralized the Germans fled the city, but managed to set fire to many buildings. As a result of the throw of the Soviet forces East of Minsk was encircled 100-strong German group. With the elimination of “boiler” from 8 to 12 July, the enemy lost over 70 thousand people were killed and about 35 thousand prisoners, including 12 generals.

residents of the capital of Belarus has arranged a Grand meeting of the liberators. In one of the military reports is described as follows: “Tanks were more like huge bouquets of flowers, not a formidable military machine.” In honor of the liberation of Minsk in 22 hours on 3 July 1944 in Moscow was rocked by a barrage of 324 guns, illuminating the sky orange and green and red lights of the fireworks.