Decorated tree snake or Golden tree snakes (Chrysopelea paradisi), is able to overcome the distance through the air – up to 10 meters and beyond. Snake moves in planning similar to those with which they move along the ground. Scientists from the USA have found out, what aerodynamic principle helps reptiles to fly. The study is published in Nature Physics.

the Study of the amazing abilities of snakes are decorated with wood since the 1970s – scientists study the aerodynamic mechanisms of sliding reptiles. Early experiments showed that before the flight, the snake crawls to the end of the branch and hangs from it. Selecting a direction, it pushes off the rest of the branch part of the tail and thrown into the air “one leap”. During the flight, usually round the body of the snake becomes surprisingly flat and flattened so that in cross section resembles a triangle, and writhing.

Why would she do that? This question was asked by a team of engineers and physicists led by John of Sochi from the Polytechnic University of Virginia (USA). Studying movement technique Chrysopelea paradisi during the flight, they came to the conclusion that such a transformation makes the body of reptiles is more perfect in the aerodynamic sense – increases the range and ability of snakes to maneuver.

Physics, having studied the planning of snakes with the help of technology motion capture, developed a “three-dimensional mathematical model of flying snake, which includes the aerodynamic and inertial effects.”

to capture the movement of a snake, which she makes while jumping, the scientists attached to the backs of reptiles markers, and to shoot used high-speed cameras that transmit accurate information about their movements.

the Authors found: when you take off the snake makes a series of complicated movements – they twists not only horizontally, but also vertically. Computer simulation, created on the basis of the data of the experiment showed that such movement is necessary for flight stability – without them, the snake begins to rotate uncontrollably.

scientists discovered the ability of snakes can be used to create snake-like flying robots. By the way, snakes have long been the “muses” of robotics: flexible underwater of robozou help to investigate underwater structures. In this context, the results of a new study, its authors believe, will inspire the creation of a snake-like flying robots.