New clip Little Big for the song “Tacos” was seen by 2 million people in less than a day. However, fans have criticized the video.

In the clip starred by Puglias — Dmitry Krasilov. The video begins with the fact that he comes into the kitchen to grab a bite and puts the sandwich in the microwave. After that, the ketchup, mustard, hot dog and bottle of soda on the table in front of Paglesham become participants in the Little Big.

Despite the huge number of hits, comments fans criticize the band Little Big. Many have noted that the clips and songs of musicians have become worse.

“I’m not a hater Little Big, but used to be much better. The main task of this group was to make such a chorus or a melody that she lingers in your head, but specifically in this song this is not happening, and after the first listen not want to hear again,” wrote one user.

Others point out that disappointed the group has lost its unique style. In Puhlese many of you will recognize yourself at night.

“My dreams, when I go to bed on an empty stomach” — write in the comments.

Krasyliv became famous after she starred in the video group Little Big for the song Uno. It was the most popular among the participants of “Eurovision-2020”. Later, Puhler starred in the video for Cream Soda about quarantine. The musicians presented their version of the song “Cry on techno”. They, along with other members danced on the balconies of high-rise buildings, arranging a party with social distance.