Unexpected version of the reasons for the tenacity of relatives of the deceased in an accident, arranged by a drunk Mikhail Efremov, Sergei Zakharov, put forward Andrei Razin.

The issue of compensation from Ephraim

He believes that where politics is involved, and enemies of the actor paid family Zakharov.

“some very reliable sources I got know the approximate amount that some people, detractors of Michael Efremova paid the family of the deceased Sergey Zakharov and try to put him permanently behind bars. So they are clearing from the opposition political arena. These people came to the family of the deceased immediately after the accident and offered them an incredible amount of money, but also good protection, but the family did not go to any concession in respect of Mikhail Efremov. I think that this is blasphemy and baseness. But the family received a huge jackpot from this accident, so they behave. And, apparently, will behave thus, while Michael is finally going to jail. I believe this is a political reprisal. So after that sing ditties about power,” he wrote on instagram.

Comments in his post, the producer prudently limited.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, according to Razin, he met with Ephraim at the film "Kinotavr," in this ever saw him drunk.

“He went and told obscene jokes about our politicians and caused just a terror among all the people.” the

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