Alla and Dmitry Zemskov, fairly well-known bloggers, saving up for your dream apartment for eight years.

However, immediately after the purchase was under threat of eviction. They are caught in the trap of fraudsters, says the portal

The firm-owner of their home and went bankrupt. Creditors sued – they want their money back.

Thoroughly check the legal purity apartments Zemskova did not, I trusted the seller. And here is the sad result.

By the way, even brought them the lawsuit they were able to learn only by chance, from neighbours, faced with this problem.

Now alle and Dimitri have to fight for legally acquired housing. In addition they suffered another 130 families.

“Three days, my wife just did not sleep — cried. Because, you know, you can be on the streets, – quotes the words of Dmitry life.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, remember the famous cases of fraud with digital signatures. With their help, selected an apartment and rewrite of the company. Deputies have suggested to increase the control over their design.