cold as ice, Only warm, then summer, and is just the weather brought us in Germany within the next 14 days. Currently, the cold and snow for the winter Blues yet. Especially South of the Danube to the Alps even with road smoothness expected.

“Today is probably the coldest day of spring,” says Jan Schenk, chief meteorologist from the Weather Channel. Especially coming night it is really uncomfortable: While in East Friesland, as temperatures around Zero degrees Celsius, the Thermometer drops to the edge of the Alps at minus 15 degrees.

winter break-thanks to schwächelndem polar vortex

pressure Keywan is on the high, currently in the North Atlantic ocean lies to the West of the British Isles. “It was there, because the polar vortex is weakening,” said Schenk. The polar vortex is a circulating air masses over the North pole with extremely cold air. It arises in Winter, when there is no sun is shining and the air cools even more. He breaks apart, comes cold air to Europe.

The polar vortex, and Kaywan we owe the re-onset of winter. Thereafter, this high pressure area will bring us, but also a significant warming. Because as of tomorrow the temperatures are on the rise again, slowly, so that the Thermometer shows for the weekend already pleasant temperatures of over ten degrees – in the case of predominantly warm and dry weather. So it will be on Sunday in the North at Hamburg, 13 degrees warm, in the otherwise rather Berlin cooler 14 degrees and in the southwest in Karlsruhe even 19 degrees.

early summer temperatures in Holy week – up to 23 degrees

This is because of the polar vortex pulls more together and as a result, the high-pressure area to the West can move. The result is a warm West winds that were beforehand blocked streams, to Europe. We benefit from this, especially next week: “In Holy week it is predicted early in the summer, warm in Germany, so that it can come in the South and in the southwest to a temperature of about 20 degrees,” says Schenk.

Only at the beginning of the next week, there is a small risk of: “There might again come a little surge of cold air from the North”. This holds especially for Northern and Eastern Germany the risk of a small temperature shock but it was still not quite sure.

April is becoming warmer and drier

Should hold true to the forecasts, the April to a very warm and dry month. This development was already to be seen multiple times in the past few years. So, for example, in 2007, 2009 and 2011. Due to the ongoing climate change of April mutates more and more from the spring month, an early summer month.

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