The world has collectively missed its live sport fix during the enforced Covid-19 break. It can now breathe a collective sigh of relief, as the sports world’s main spectacle has returned – The Lingerie Fighting Championship.

The most controversial fight league around has announced it will return with a bang on August 11 with its own special brand of half-naked organized chaos at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

“We are extremely excited to be taking part in such an iconic event,” Lingerie Fighting Championship CEO Shaun Donnelly said of the event, which attracts hundreds of thousands of bike enthusiasts every year.

Lingerie Fighting includes a peculiar mix of models and mma-trained female fighters scrapping in cages with only two rules to abide by: no strikes to the face, and all fighters must don sultry lingerie.

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LFC has received criticism from some feminist sections in the past, but their roster of fighters see things differently. They include Jolene Hexx, who told RT Sport in January that she sees the league as “entertainment” rather than “exploitation”.

“Exploitation? As far as like femininity and being a badass? LFC supports a wonderful group of strong women who keep getting stronger and keep getting sexier,” she said.

“It’s good for the world. The world needs to get involved and watch more LFC.”

But how will the scantily-clad combatants combat potential risk of infection? Well, fighters will social distance in a separate hotel and make there way to the fights on motorcycles. In addition, each attendee at LFC 30 will receive a commemorated mask.

“We are working with our fighters to ensure the safest, most enjoyable experience possible,” Donnelly says. “They will be staying in Rapid City, about thirty minutes from the Rally, where those wishing to social distance can do so at the hotel when they aren’t fighting.

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“Everyone will be provided with commemorative LFC masks. And each fighter will be brought directly from the hotel to the dressing rooms and from there into the ring.”

The first match at LFC 30 will see debutants Brooke Gilley and Suzy ‘Stiletto’ Quinn going head to head.