Toilets, safety belts, pockets on the seats, headrests and tray tables found to be the dirtiest in aircraft seats and surfaces.

Experts said any seats on the plane are the most dirty. This writes the Express.

the Stewardess advised never to use the pockets that are attached to the back of the forward seat. As they scavenge, but not clean.

“take out the dirty napkins, underwear, socks, gum, candy, scraps, then on the next flight, you put your phone or laptop,” said the stewardess.

Recent studies have shown that the dirtiest surfaces in the liners of steel belts, pockets on the seats, headrests and tray tables.

Microbiologist Jason Tetro stated that the level of mold on the tables in the airplanes has been extremely high, as the surface is almost not washed.

Another flight attendant explained that the time to process as should all surface before the next flight is almost there, so most of them are sprayed with a diluted disinfecting spray.

In this connection the employees of the airlines urge never put food on the table. The plane should wash their hands with soap and water and disinfect them, as well as the surface that will touch.

Toilets also considered one of the dirtiest places on the aircraft, as they are used by hundreds of passengers. Flight attendants urge to always be in the shoes when visiting the toilets, as they were deep cleaning only at the end of the route.