How he feels in a digital age, the remote and other features of our high speed of time, versed experts on the eve of the holiday.

the Russian language as an expression of collective intelligence is rapidly reacted to the quarantine. Linguists have noted a surge of new phenomena. “We began using the words “is” and “distance learning”, there are new, such as “coved”, “crown”, “isolation”, “sanitizer”. Even in the most difficult time we have to play with the language: very interesting words “you outside” and its derivatives “to narugami and narushitel,” – says the rector of the State Institute of Russian language. Pushkin Margarita Rusetskaya. – Humorous “naturatins and coronally” (or “coronet”) – children conceived during the period of the coronavirus.

there are new values from previously existing words: “plateau”, “social distance”. According to the rector, the language itself only over time will choose what will be useful to him after quarantine, but now one thing is clear: “the phenomenon will long remain in the field of view of Philology as a perfect example of the reaction of the Russian language on the current changes in the socio-cultural, economic and political life.. This once again underlines the universality of the Russian language, its flexibility, its ability to change, and thus to retain its relevance”.

This value will soon lock in a special amendment on the protection and conservation of the “great and mighty” of the Constitution. “The last 20-25 years, the situation does not favour the spread of the Russian language, – said Margarita Rusetskaya. Today it takes only 10 common. With 350 million in the 90-ies the area of the Russian sank to 260-267 million. This was mainly due to CIS where not all Russian language required for the study. And in Europe the number of those who study Russian, fell from 20 million to one. There is something to think about.”

By the way, now on behalf of the President is working on a program for the promotion of the Russian language and to create conditions for its study abroad. But for internal use, updated the law on the Russian language. “The Ministry of labour prepared a bill that increases attention to the use of the Russian language as the language of public communication for civil servants and public figures,” – said the rector. Reflecting on the relevance of the amendments to the Constitution, the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky said that we are talking about the role of Russian culture and the Russian language as a unifying force.

– When talking about Russian culture, often used the adjective “humanistic” humanism of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. And today, when we were in a pandemic, it became obvious that the choices we have made, very much in the Russian tradition. Because the choice in favor of the value of every life. The fact that mortality in Russia ��even by American sources is significantly lower than theirs, shows the relationship to the value of life. This is a view of Russian culture. It’s about the proverbial tears of a child.