Vladimir Putin held a regular meeting on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country. Data monitoring and evaluation specialists required by the President for a decision about voting on the amendments to the Constitution. According to “MK”, it could be held in late June-early July, one of the potential dates, which was called by the media, 24 June. In this case, GDP in coming days to release a new decree. The experts assured the President that in the first decade of June, most regions will be able generally to resume normal activity.

Scientists and officials were unanimous in their assessment: the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Russia has stabilized, there is an evident positive trend.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, in the last 10 days, the rate of new cases decreased by 22.5%. As of 22 may, the figure is 2.8%. The country has reduced the number of hospitalizations and severe patients, and Vice versa – a growing number of recovered and vacant beds, including in intensive care units. The chief doctor of a Moscow hospital N52, where to carry the heaviest of patients with kovida, admitted that even their situation has improved markedly. The number of hospitalizations during the last days decreased by 18%, while the number issued increased by 13%. “Today we are celebrating – we write our 4 thousandth of a patient,” she said.

Vladimir Putin revealed the secret: one of the patients at 52 hospitals were Minister of construction Vladimir Yakushev. He, according to the President, spoke about the qualification and selfless work of its employees. “Some of them twice already infected with a virus, and again returned to the system. And that, indeed, can be so easy to get sick a second time?” asked GDP. The chief physician assured that Yakushev misunderstood something. “I can’t say that we have good arguments to say on repeated occasions. In our hospital they were not sure”, she said. “I thank God, your patients are not. And hope I don’t have to” – with a laugh said Putin.

the Minister of health of Michael Murashko said that the burden on the health system is stabilized and in the whole country: in hospitals there are about 100 thousand people in intensive care about 2 thousand thus remain free for 44% of the harvested beds. Some of them will return for receiving scheduled patients who within two months could not receive the necessary treatment. Vladimir Putin, however, warned in the autumn, according to who forecasts, the second wave of the coronavirus, so the need to reserve hospital beds, including ventilator and oxygen, need to keep!

According to the head of Rosportebnadzora Anna Popova, a key indicator of sanitary epidemiological situation the prevalence of the infection March 28 was more than three and now it is less than one. And even the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, who has established himself as a supporter of alarmist statements and austerity measures, this time found a reason for optimism. Moscow, he said, managed to avoid the worst-case scenario, which “unfolded in a number of world cities”, by coefficient of infection (0,97) the capital is now in the group of the best regions. However, the rapid easing will not be. Self-isolation and access control, according to Sobyanin, it is necessary to save.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel for Muscovites and residents of other regions, where they continue to operate many of the restrictions still come. When the word was given to experts, they all point to the first ten days of June as the period when life in the country is expected to return to normal. This, in particular, said Director of the Russian anti-plague Institute Vladimir Kutyrev, which during a pandemic regularly consulted Vladimir Putin. As well as the head of the National center named after Pirogov, Oleg Karpov.

Tatyana Golikova also has expressed hope that in summer the Russians will be included in a good mood and will have an opportunity to “shake hands” and “Pat on the shoulder.”

meanwhile, as reported by the media, the presidential administration wants to vote on amendments to the Constitution on June 24. TV channels have increased the number of commercials, reminding the Russians about what changes are made to the basic law. And the CEC has released funds allocated for the organization of voting. Sources “MK” confirm that a plebiscite should be held in late June-early July, training in the regions has already begun, but the exact date not yet announced: the final decision must soon adopt and publish, in his decree the President.