on Friday, may 22 in China, opened a long-awaited annual session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (vsnp), the highest legislative body of the country. Long-awaited because it has been postponed for two months because of a pandemic COVID-19. On the agenda – the fight against coronavirus, the country’s economic recovery and, of course, the implementation of a long-term plan “Chinese dream” of ending poverty. In addition, greater attention was drawn to the national security bill to Hong Kong, the discussion of which is also planned during the meeting. His opinion about the significance of what is happening in Beijing, said the expert.

Coronavirus made adjustments to the format of the annual session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives, which originally was set to open on March 5.

this year it will last only seven days instead of the usual ten. Completed session of the national people’s Congress involving about 3 thousand deputies, 28 may. In addition, for security purposes in the House of people’s representatives, where the session is restricted to representatives of the media and all the key events for journalists are held in online mode.

Analysts had been expecting a speech at a session of the Chinese leader XI Jinping with the announcement of “victory over coronavirus” – and it is possible that such a speech will sound. The first day of the event started with the report of the Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang, who said that the pandemic will not affect cooperation of China with other countries: “in the face of external challenges, we must remain committed to open our doors even wider, while maintaining the stability of our production chains and supply chains”.

“Session is arranged once a year, it is always very important, but this year especially, says “MK” Russian orientalist, head of the Center “Russian dream and the Chinese dream” Izborsk club Yuri Tavrovsky. – First, because the world continues to rage pandemic coronavirus. And, secondly, because in China ends 13th five-year plan, will be summarized and discussed options for the next five years”.

in addition, the expert stressed that the NPC session, a question was raised about the fact that until the end of 2020, China intends to completely eliminate poverty in accordance with the long-term plan “Chinese dream”. By the beginning of 2021 should be built a society of average prosperity “Passenger”.

“it Was a lot of doubt that this goal is achievable, especially this year, when the outbreak of the coronavirus – continues the orientalist. – The government was forced to produce very large costs. In addition, there is the danger that migrants, who number in China is over 200 million people, can depriveSya work and thus join the ranks of the poor and the needy. However, the measures taken in support of this segment of society seems to have decided this issue. And this year, China will obviously win two victories. One, unplanned, over coronavirus and planned over poverty.”

this session of the national people’s Congress, attracted much attention abroad and, as its agenda the draft law on national security of Hong Kong, which puts barriers in the path of separatism in the special administrative region, who in the past year the scene of clashes between police and opposition-minded public. In the United States started talking about sanctions against China for violations of the autonomy of Hong Kong. In the West the Chinese bill was seen as a threat to Hong Kong freemen, under the policy of “one country, two systems”.

with regard to Hong Kong, then, according to Yuri dabrowskiego, works in this direction is now one of the closest companions of XI, Xia BAOLONG, who was Deputy to the current leader of China in Zhejiang province. And when XI Jinping went to Shanghai, he took the post of head of the region. Xia BAOLONG is famous for its decisive action, so categorical measures should expect from him in matters related to Hong Kong.

“it is Remarkable that a politician is not taking tactical methods of solving this problem, for example, increasing the number of police – said the expert. – He approached the case systemically and developed a national security bill, which will be adopted. And then more stringent measures in respect of “boor” in Hong Kong will be made on the lawful bases”.

According to Yuri dabrowskiego, the first day of the NPC session demonstrates that China continues to move in the intended direction, despite the seriousness of the external situation. It is a pandemic and a trade war with the United States.

“Continuing normal political life, continues the planned development and the solution of problems in the country, – said the expert. – We can say that China brings an element of stability in our unstable world.”