With the opening of borders in Russia will rush a flood of migrants. Experts claim due to the catastrophic situation of unemployment in the countries of Central Asia come to us, even those who before the pandemic and were not planning to leave the country. What is in store for the Russians “invasion” guests?

— the Wild market of migration, which was before the pandemic, we need to bring in a more civilized state, — said the head of the working group on migration of the chamber of Commerce of Leningrad region Valery Shinkarenko. — There is a myth that the migrants say, come. Not true in the labour market is dominated by illegal brokers. They bring 80% of migrants, employ, partly gather and use these funds, say, for “suspension problems of labour migration”. Employers and migrants are critically dependent on them. Regulatory structures are corrupt. We do not need foreigners who do not know how, do not know the Russian language, and come to us in search of a better life, taking jobs away from Russian citizens. With migrant workers it is necessary initially to work in their countries, “earth”, to teach them elementary things.

“After the opening of the borders we are faced with a peak inflow of foreign citizens. There is a huge pent-up demand for work in Russia. The migrants were younger. They are not ready to adapt and “vote” with their feet: every second visitor, who did not like the job, leaving your employer, even if he spent on his bringing”, — says member of the Commission on migration issues and socio-cultural adaptation of foreign citizens Council under the RF President on interethnic relations Nikolay Kurdyumov. The further fate of this “fugitive” is usually known only to himself. “In 2019, a Russian official drove to work about 5 million workers, and patents received less than three million. Along with the other two million migrants, we do not know”, — said the head of the Department of ethno-demographic and integration processes of the Institute of demographic research, Federal research sociological center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Advisor to the head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities Victoria Ledeneva.

“According to our estimates, the region is from 500 thousand to one million labour migrants, and patents granted 230 thousand in St. Petersburg and 60 thousand in the Leningrad region. Once we are faced with gross violations in the field of organized recruitment of migrants, we understand that the only form of control over the flow of immigrants digitalization” — says Valery Shinkarenko.

Experts of the chamber of Commerce of the Leningrad region together with the employers made a “digital platform ��of Granta”, which among other things allows you to organize the monitoring of visitors (it can be connected to personnel service employers). It was created and the application for the migrants: it is enough to install it on the phone to get free access to databases of vacancies, social services and to legal information. More than that — the New year migrants will have its own social network. “Within a few months we will roll for thousands of migrants, statistical data we have, and people will vote — whether they are digital or not. Make use of the system neither migrants nor employers without their desire, we will not” — says Valery Shinkarenko.

Leningrad oblast is one of three Russian regions, which operate in the framework of the intergovernmental agreement of Russia and Uzbekistan for the organised recruitment of labour migrants. In 2017 Saint Petersburg has opened a center for the training of migrants in Samarkand. Then, in Tashkent was opened by a private employment Agency. “All these three years, the agreement has stalled, says Valery Shinkarenko. — Private employment agencies sending citizens of Uzbekistan to work in Japan, the middle East, but not in Russia. Preferences for participating in organized set there, and they are losing the competition of illegal intermediaries, who carry people in Russia.”

Driven, despite the country’s laws and economic situation. And she, to put it mildly, not at height.

According to official data, in mid-June in Russia, officially registered 2.5 million unemployed. The President of the SuperJob Alexey Zaharov says that this number is 3 times less than real. “Our recent poll shows that two-thirds of people who have lost their jobs, are not registered as unemployed. For 2.5 million we can safely add 5 million who are in active search. Unemployment, unfortunately, will continue to grow, because not all businesses stand on their feet. Quick recovery we do not expect it and the government does not expect the recovery to the level of 2019 will take about 5 years”, — said the expert.

the scale of the problem will become clear after the lifting of restrictive measures. “Russian citizens who have lost their jobs, will accept a lower salary, says Victoria Ledeneva. — Just lost my job migrants not only in Russia but also in home States. Well, since work at home and need to feed families, they come even more than before the pandemic.”

For Russian entrepreneurs, the immigrants are cheap labor for their own countries — “wallets”. “It is a question not only economic, but also political. After the opening of the borders to stop the flow of guests from Central Asia is difficult: they have to earn money forI their countries. Remittances from Russia to the States from which migrants come, was seriously reduced. These transfers often amount to 30 to 50% of the funds, which live in the state’s inner circle of Russia. I believe that Russia will not close from migrant workers. For me, the question whether or not labor migration to Russia is not necessary”, — said Nikolay Kurdyumov. And even gave advice to businessmen who intend to hire immigrants exclusively how they behave:

— the Priority the involvement of Russian citizens in the jobs indicated in law. In connection with rising unemployment among Russian employers will be hard to control employment services and law enforcement agencies. Therefore, they need to pass the blade of the knife to bring sought-after human resources and do not violate the legislation of Russia. In my memory of the specific conditions was not. As one of the forms of work in such conditions organized to attract migrants. The employment service will recommend to employers this form. Therefore, the role of employers, since the decision which employees to involve aliens or the Russians, was adopted at the regional level.

it is Important that migration flows do not pose a threat and risk to our national security, continues Victoria Ledeneva. Abruptly can worsen the epidemiological situation. On 25 June he joined the order of Ministry of health: migrants in obtaining documents needs to be tested for the coronavirus. “We are talking about migrants who arrive on the territory of our country. And we need to diagnose diseases, coronavirus, tuberculosis, hepatitis, AIDS, drug use already in the countries of origin” — says the expert.

Should I hurry up with opening the borders? Countries emerging from quarantine, conduct various migration policies. For example, Germany began to invite migrants to agricultural work. And the US has closed the border and another two months has restricted the issuance of visas, including skilled migrants to provide jobs primarily to its citizens.