that such dual infection could occur, did not rule out the Ministry of health. “Re-infection is rare and is probably connected with the peculiarities of the immune system of a particular person”, – explained in the Department to queries of journalists about the case in the Vladimir region.

In the CPS to comment on the message of the head of region has refused, citing the fact that the information is incomplete and unverified. In principle, such cases should be carried out epidemiological investigation.

Professor of physiology First MSMU n. a. Sechenov Anton Ershov considers that the repeated cases of disease is possible, and explained why this may occur.

“Why may not develop should the immune system, providing protection during infection? The first variant is that a person can very easily ill. His body, although infection occurred, was not allowing the amount of virus that the body reacted to the infection seriously and has developed antibodies to it, – the expert said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. For the body the mild form can go unnoticed. By the way, even measles can recover and twice, and thrice. Although it is believed that after the first case confers lifelong immunity. The second case is when the immune system is not formed, when a very severe course of the disease, when all the compensatory powers of the body are to maintain life in the moment and not on the formation of protection for the future. The body is just not strong enough for the formation of antibodies”.

professional forums doctors have suggested that the described case of their colleague could also occur due to errors in testing, and in fact on re-infection it is not. “Imagine that in the hospital someone got sick. All sent to quarantine and testing and the doctor the test showed a false positive. He was diagnosed, because the disease can occur without symptoms. A month later, he got sick for real” – this version was put forward by the forum participants.