MOSCOW, may 2/ Radio Sputnik. The doctor-otolaryngologist of the highest category Vladimir Zaitsev in an interview with TV channel “Star” called the main symptom of coronavirus.

According to him, the virus can not just “fly into the open window,” even if it is distributed across the planet. The high body temperature is also a major symptom, the doctor added.

“Today, the main symptom COVID-19 is hyposmia (reduction of smell). Coronavirus infection starts with the fact that people no longer feel comfortable smell, and he inversion of taste, that is, changing taste sensations. Body temperature may be either normal or low grade – 37; 37,5; 37,9. And maybe 38, and 38.5. But maybe normal is 36.5; 36,9,” said he.

the Doctor said that if fever do not need to “immediately sound the alarm,” as, according to him, this is not the main feature of the new coronavirus infection.

He added that any coronavirus begins to be treated as SARS.

In the case of the call, the brigade soon aid will have a potentially patient tests, gather medical history, give advice on treatment and, most importantly, will consider how serious the condition of the sick, and whether to hospitalize him in the hospital.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that to determine the time when СOVID-19 penetrated into Russia.

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