because of the pandemic coronavirus admission to universities is held in remote mode and later than usual. Shift deadlines and exam date of enrollment in universities. Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov promised to clarify the dates of the Unified state examination after may 12. Meanwhile, the start is scheduled for 8 June. The timing of the admission campaign tied to the dates of announcement of results of the exam. The Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkov plans to start the new school year on 1 September, and in what form – time will tell and the epidemiological situation.

But the public discussion of how to pursue certification in high school and enrollment in universities during the summer is in full swing. In particular, there were proposals to abandon the exam and to enroll students for the first year on the basis of school assessment exams or private universities. The Association “Global universities”, which includes the universities-participants of the Project 5-100, disagree.

– Obviously, to cancel the exam as a proven tool to ensure transparent verification of knowledge of graduates of Russian schools, it is impractical, – said the rector of Ural Federal University Viktor Koksharov. – The situation with the spread of the coronavirus puts this year a number of limitations: the health of children and their parents a priority. But the high school system in the country quite successfully passes the test for universal introduction of remote forms. I am sure that your appointment, we will be able to hold, observing all safety standards.

According to “Global universities,” cancellation of the exam and its replacement by a “vague, strange and incomprehensible people rules of admission to universities,” today will lead to far greater injustice and the “social irritation”.

“Admission to universities on the basis of school grades, it is impossible in principle, – said in a statement issued on Friday, the Association “Global universities”. School, unlike stoballnoy scale exam, in fact, works with a three-point rating scale – 3, 4 and 5. In case of cancellation of the Single this summer in the universities can come to students, and about half of them have the same maximum total score – 15 out of 15. It would undermine the objective basis of selection of applicants for admission”.

the dangers of mass: to date, most universities have lost the methodology for conducting their own examinations “in the flow”, with the exception of a small group of universities that have the right to conduct its tests. But – in addition to the exam.

“There is a risk that parents will immediately begin to search for Tutors or rather people who are “close” to the selected universities. Obviously, in this case, it would dramatically increase the level of public distrust in so important for all the area of admission to the University” – warn universities.

first, school certificates to issue in 2020 without the use, on a regular��ve grades in school. Second, to conduct the exam in late July – early August, and only for those high school graduates who plan to enroll in universities. This will allow to abandon the exam in basic mathematics.

– Also this will significantly reduce the costs of conducting the test and exam will give freedom of choice, yesterday’s schoolchildren, – said Victor Koksharov.

third, the admission of documents related to the tender procedure and enrollment in universities is proposed to be held from 15 August to 1 September in remote mode. In the same period, universities have retained their own entrance tests and to conduct them online. To enroll to the paid places, until October 1, inclusive.

At the same time universities should be given the right to independently establish the start date of training for the first course. If the proposal of the Association will be taken, the academic year for first-year students may begin no later than September 10, 2020.

the Ministry of science and higher education announced that universities ready to enroll applicants in the shortest possible time the results of the exam and to start the school year on 1 September. Also willing to accept the documents for admission online. If the exam is in compliance with the rules and standards of the universities require full-time presence of the student, the universities are preparing to take these exams in a remote format.

– the question of the organization of the admission campaign in terms of coronavirus needs to be discussed with the expert community, the national accreditation Agency, Ministry of education, Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor, – said the press service of the Ministry of education. – It is important to remember about the health of applicants, and to save everyone the opportunity to go to College. At the moment Ministry of education and science is guided by established terms of the exam, which determines the beginning of the admission campaign in the universities.