– To 18.00 on 4 August guys can apply from anywhere in the world through our electronic information system, – said Sadovnichy.

today in the Moscow University has received more than 23 thousand applications. And the so-called individuals – 9292: a fill immediately 2-3 of the questionnaire in different directions. As MSU will begin the school year?

– head to our main scenario, we are prepared, – said the rector. But perhaps, large lectures are going to do in an online format, and practical exercises conducted in the usual mode.

But foreign students will “udalenke” at least in the first semester. But now they will be able to pay for tuition at MSU has developed its own acquiring system for payment by Bank cards. For admission to Moscow University, all applicants need to pass additional entrance examinations. Victor Sadovnichy has told, how pass the online exams.

– Each member, though sits at home, strictly controlled system proctoring, – said the rector of Moscow state University. – Before the exam applicant shows his room, Board, passport, always included sound.

According to Sadovnichy, the tips in this case. Admission to MSU will end on 26 August when will be ready all the orders of enrollment.