42-year-old Russian actress, beautiful, star of the film “We from the future” Ekaterina Klimova told in программ5 Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” on the channel “Russia 1” in the filming of the series “Black cat” for her at loggerheads with her second and third husbands Igor Petrenko and Gela Meskhi.

Now Catherine says about this already with a smile. She says and then it looked funny because at the moment all the passions with Igor have subsided. According to her, she just gave birth to Braga with Gela’s daughter Bella and asked her husband came home, how was the shooting day. And he was stunned that the fight with Igor.

“I ask: “the Director liked it?” He replied that all were satisfied”, – ironically said the actress.

Recall that Igor Petrenko studied with Catherine at the Schepkin drama school but a year younger. They became friends after starring in the series “the Best city in the world”, while Catherine was married to a jeweler by Ilya Horoshilovym, with whom she had a daughter Elizabeth. Igor the actress got married in 2004 and lived with him virtually 10 years, giving birth to two sons Matthew and Corneille.

June 5, 2015 Catherine was married to actor Gela Meskhi, who was several years younger than her. The couple divorced in June last year.

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