After the match “Spartak” – “Sochi” (2:2), the correspondent “RG” has reached one of the best referees in the country of last years Sergey Khusainov, to know his opinion about the outrage, which gave the team of referees headed by Vasily Kazartsev.

“In this match I would like to focus on three episodes that fair just talking about low skill level data of the arbitrators. The appointment of the first and second penalty, and another episode that occurred far from the penalty area. I have to say. Both appointed in gate “Spartaka” the 11-meter strike are irrelevant to violations of the rules. But what I was most surprised that the man who was the referee in the field and the one who sat in front of the screen VAR, took the same decision. It says only one thing – these young people have low football education and that make such mistakes again,” said Khusainov.

Former FIFA referee analyzed the two assigned penalty.

“Say there, in our time talking about these issues said Here and my grandmother would understand. With and without VAR. In the first case, the defender of “Spartak” played ball, and there is nothing disturbing. Second penalty – player “Sochi” I hit the ball, and inertia of his leg hit the player of “Spartak”. It is a natural collision and no violation of the rules then a qualified arbitrator would not have noticed,” continued Khusainov.

he Also spoke about another incident in the match, which sparked outrage.

“In the first half was a horse struggle between Sobolev and player “Sochi”. And here in the Spartak side Mevla flies and hits him with an elbow to the neck. That’s what the judge said? He gave a controversial goal! It is simple a violation, but for the arbitrator this is a Chinese instrument, which he can not understand.”

Sergei Khusainov admitted that after the match he had torn the phone. Called friends, acquaintances, and journalists.

“frankly, I am ashamed by what he saw. Shame on you! For the judiciary. What is the point of team play when that is happening? I want to end my speech with a quote from Anatoly Byshovets. There are no limits of human filth,” said Khusainov.