These data follow from the research company Blue Sleep, which are provided to the “Russian newspaper”. In their own homes spend 80% of those living in isolation, 20% of rent.

to Change the location in the near future the majority of Russians do not intend to. So, the question: “do you plan on moving in the near future?” – 73.6% of respondents answered negatively. While 11.9 percent plan to go to the country, another 7.5% to go back to the apartment. The intention to change the situation and to be away from home for the may holidays stated 5.5% of the respondents. To permanently change their place of residence and move to another city finished only 1.5%.

On the question, “What are you tired in quarantine?” – 15.5% of respondents reported that they are satisfied and they feel good at home. Most people complained about the lack of walks (15%). On a sedentary lifestyle complained 6%. Another 10% spoke of the lack of communication and fresh air, 7% complained of boredom and confined space. In addition, respondents spoke about the lack of travel, trips to restaurants, to see relatives, as well as the need to do lessons with children.