the Students of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University are forbidden to leave the Dorm more than two hours. This limit is the University administration explains the pandemic of coronavirus. However, it remains and now, when all the other prohibitions in St. Petersburg removed. Students protest and demand that the administration cancel the order that restricts their freedom to move.

I live in St. Petersburg, but protect the rights of their non-resident classmates – told the Chairman of trade Union of “Conversion” in the Poly Stepan Surkov. – The order of the University “On the control residing in the hostel” was released on 13 April, but is still in effect.

the University has established rules concerning exclusion of students in its sole discretion. On 20 June we wrote an appeal to the leadership of SPbSPU in order as soon as possible to cancel the order. We were told that the restrictions in the dorms canceled, perhaps in the coming weeks, if not there will be another outbreak of coronavirus. We have about two dozen hostels, they are inhabited by more than 10,000 students, although the majority, of course, departed.

how to live in “abseitova conclusion”, with “MK” shared the student of the 3rd course Timur, who came to study in St. Petersburg from Central Asia.

– In previous years I flew home for the summer, and this year decided to stay because it is risky to fly home: wanting to fall back a lot, and I do not know who is infected and who is not. And on arrival will have two weeks to spend in quarantine. Although in mid-March, reports emerged that some of the dormitories of other universities are closed for very strict quarantines, and most went home at the end of March – beginning of April.

– And for some reason someone in St. Petersburg, isn’t it easier to go home and learn remotely?

– most of the remaining works in the city. Before, in past years, the summer home was left mostly freshmen and sophomores. Third or fourth year to stay here because it worked. Those who remained, as usual, paid for a hostel, the rates are not changed. The fee is low, somewhere in politipedia.

– what are the difficulties because of the order?

– To order all was fine. We were told not to bring guests and come out for a long time. After the order was this: if you come out of the Dorm more than two hours, it is necessary to write the explanatory. But if you go for 24 hours, then you have a blocked pass.

– Where you have time to go over two hours?

– I Have outputs mainly to the store or walk in the Park. All students feel that two hours is silly, because you just can catch a virus. In the city restrictions were removed, and we obtained as a prison.

“MK” has found out from the Pro-rector for youth Poly��ECHA Maxim Pasholikova position of the University on this issue:

How many nonresident students remain in the dormitories of the University?

– we Have 70% foreign children went, stayed in a hostel about 30% is 3250 people. About half of them from other cities, half of them foreigners. Given that we have a campus of almost 12,000 places, 30% is a solid number.

– Students unhappy, when do you plan to remove the restrictions?

– Restrictions will be gradually removed, as elsewhere. The situation objectively is not easy, every day we have someone take their temperature. We already had two experiences of closure of the hostel, one in a hundred, the second hundred, it is economically difficult situation. Imagine five hundred people trapped in one building, when one someone managed to get a virus. It turns out, some Express concerns, why not let them, there is no free mode, and others claim, why in the dormitory virus? Parents call saying that my child sits in isolation in his room, and his neighbor is constantly walking. We had several situations where guys, no warning, in the midst of a pandemic have managed to go hang out in Moscow and return to the hostel. In principle, it is hoped that most of the guys will have a proper understanding of time is quite difficult.

the press service of the Russian state geological prospecting University (Russian state geological prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze) “MK” talked about their non-resident students:

– All who wanted went home, which is about 60% of nonresident students, including foreigners. Our students live in a dormitory or in rented apartments. The hotel is tseleviki who are studying by the state to pay, so for them to stay in Moscow – no problem. While we had reduced the price after the orders of the Ministry of education. Many students are always in the summer in Moscow.

Now, basically, in Moscow there are the students – they need to prepare for the thesis defense, the right materials access. Not all regions have good access to the Internet. Much easier for them to communicate with teachers on the same portal of the University.