The risk of Contracting coronavirus in the hospital is much lower than in the store or another public place. First of all it concerns employees of medical institutions. This was told by Deputy Minister of health Tatiana Semenova, the TV channel “Russia 24”, reports TASS.

She explained that the risk in the work of the “ordinary patient easy, medium severity” is reduced through the use of personal protective equipment.

Semenov also said that considers inadmissible to attract medical students to work in hospitals against their will. She promised that in case such appeals are taken “very strict measures”. The Deputy Minister noted that patients who came to the students — “this is our future backbone, this is the future of the Russian health care Foundation”.

As of may 31, in Russia revealed 9268 new cases of infection with coronavirus. The total number of infected for the time of the pandemic exceeded 400 thousand. The number of survivors increased by 4.4 thousand and reached 171,8 thousand.