international auditing and consulting company FinExpertiza has estimated expenditures of Russians on masks and gloves during the regime of isolation. The study is in the possession “of the”.

According to the calculations of authors, strict adherence to the requirements of the authorities of the most regions and the requirements of CPS can cost an average of four thousand rubles a month when traveling for work as usual.

the Authors proceeded from the need to buy 90 disposable masks, 48 pairs of gloves and five bottles of sanitizer. The mask will have to spend at 2.6 thousand rubles per month for a glove — 870 rubles, sanitizer — 570 rubles.

the Costs of complying with mask mode will be about 18 percent of all monthly consumer spending average Russian, which accounts for 23 thousand rubles, 66% of the expenditure on food (6.6 thousand) and 1.8 times higher than spending on clothes and shoes.

currently, in most regions of Russia there is a regime of compulsory wearing of masks in some regions, including in Moscow, residents must also wear gloves.