the all-Russian party “New people” was nominated for the local elections in 12 regions 600 candidates, who from the first days of work has already encountered opposition from the ruling elites in a number of areas of the country.

As told to the network edition of “Infox”: “spy detective met “New people” in Kostroma, where at the direction of the local authorities for their staff from already installed open surveillance, video recording and wiretapping that was recorded by party activists. In Sharya representatives of the party were stopped in the streets and asked to explain the reasons for his arrival in the city.

the city of New Oskol, Belgorod region, the owners of the apartments admitted that members of the administration and precinct exerted pressure on them, forcing them to evict the guests to the party area consultants and technologists.

In Kaluga and in the Rostov executives of advertising agencies and did behind the scenes was invited to the administration that they refused from placing campaign materials of the party under various pretexts.

“it is Possible that regional heads just tighten the screws before the vote for the Constitution – said the founder of the party “New People” Alexey Nechaev. – However, we have no illusions that our call for renewal of authority and maximum of the election will annoy the local elites. And annoy’s a lot stronger than the current parliamentary party.”

Candidates are the “New people” in turn, any irritation in humans cause can not by definition. They normally do not engage in politics in other parties not involved. As a rule, prominent figures in your city or region that have already achieved recognition in business, or in social activities.

For example, in the Samara region from “New people” will go to the polls bright figure – the President of the public organization “Night watch” by Vitaly Smerdyakov. Representatives of the “Night patrol” frustrated attempts of drunk people to drive, or drive while intoxicated, do preventive work with students from local universities. The work of the “Night patrol” in no small measure contributed to the fact that the number of fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers on the territory of the Samara region has declined for three years in five times.

In Tomsk among the candidates of the “New people” stands out Alexander Ching-Te-Shan. He bought a famous nightclub in the city, and made his place available and a modern sports club where now I go the residents of nearby neighborhoods.

“the Main objective of some regional rulers is to break down and block the political elevators, surround yourself with people on the basis of personal loyalty, rather than professionalism. In other words, don’t start��be in the power of anyone outside, – says Alexey Nechaev. – Without the advent to power of new people, in direct and figurative sense of the word, we will fall into a period of stagnation. We have one foot in the swamp and is about to get a second. And the swamp sucks in and drowns anyone who tries to drain. Hence such aggression on the field. In any case, our 600 candidates will compete in all 12 regions. Perhaps they did not have enough political experience. But everyone has a life terminal and a desire to do something for the country and for the people.”