the Economic crisis is driving people to the street. On 27 may, the social network of Saint-Petersburg shook the photo half-naked ladies on the waterfront opposite the Smolny: the woman with the poster was required to give the opportunity to work beauty salons.

As it turned out, the citizens of St. Petersburg-businesswoman two points, it is necessary to pay rent and staff salaries, and work – impossible. Business-woman can understand: in St. Petersburg it is still unclear the order of release from quarantine. If Moscow clearly declared who and what conditions can already work in the Northern capital – the uncertainty and closed Barber shops. Some go to get a haircut in the Leningrad region, where constraints in some areas removed.

meanwhile, if to speak not about the owners of the salons, and the field workers, then there is just all good. Barbers hard at work at home and happy now that don’t need to share income with the salon. A quick call themselves salons makes it clear that the largest and most serious work officially – but, of course, need a medical license. “On nogotochkami” sign will not work with acute pain please. Smaller agencies operate in secret. Asking a friend if it worked once to get my hair cut for quarantine and jokingly ask for a photo with the braids. KOs yet, but a local Barber shop in full client base invites: send out invitations, specifying that while the record only on the phone. In one of the specialized communities of hairdressers see the ad about the sale of salon equipment and beauty lamp, massage table. Call. Communicate with Irina, who sells equipment and closed the cabin.

Why are you shutting down? Tried to apply for some subsidies, maybe get a break on the rent?

– We didn’t even get to the point where we could apply for some grants. The situation was such that we had nowhere to move and no sense

to continue. In the first week, when it started and thought that it is long, the landlord gave them a discount. But I don’t know, would he have given this discount for a month or two. I think the beauty industry will now be more difficult – how to communicate with people, to survive will be those who have premises in ownership and, of course, home of the wizard. They have in any case always cheaper, and people have money now, no.

about work at home – as I understand it, there are many procedures that need to be done in the salon, they treat medical. How can they be transferred to the house?

Such procedures, in fact, very little, almost all can be transferred to the house. If you take the beauticians – they typically own all the equipment, everything, well except the really huge machines. And apparatus for cleaning and such things from the master personal. It makes no difference where to work. For hairdressers of course there is inconvenience – for example, if staining, then rinse the head again in the bathroom. But now even those friends who said that will never work at home, moved in this mode. Maybe not all clients would go for it, but in the current situation, I think most will switch to this mode. And so many experts were left without work, field sags.

Well, now everything sags.

– things like beauty, just not as necessary. Painted can do everything at home by yourself – and always did know how, and no one questions arose regarding simple colorings, for example. Beauticians and massage therapists both worked, and work at home.

– So, only black business owners, salons, administrators?

– Yes, of course. The rest of the area, probably, can not be considered catastrophically injured. But many salons will close. Ordinary workers may not be critical, but all the friends that haircut at home, pay cash or transfer of individuals – that is, the taxes in the budget there is no question, this is the way to survive for ordinary masters. History about how the hairdresser in the Bryansk infected covid-19 more than twenty people, one is not particularly frightening. But the reduction of tax revenues, it would seem, should scare power.