He was born in Bashkiria, the grandfather had been a Mullah, but the Engel was educated and studied in the families of Russian immigrants. Because Russian language as native and owns it is wonderful. And the first thing I read myself – tale by Pushkin.

he Went to a Russian school a few kilometers from his village. Got up before dawn, returning home at dusk, too. To walk alone in the dark through the steppe road the boy was scary, and Engel read aloud “Storm mist conceals the sky…” With the fear to cope helped.

the school believed that Engel means angel. And Semyon Stepanovich Geychenko, the legendary Director of the Pushkin reserve – also called him an Angel. But he admitted to me that “Engel” from the Bashkir means something like “enough” “enough.” He was the third child in the family, and fourth parents can no longer afford to feed. And so of course, angel. Habits he is quiet and careful. However, inside this soft cushion with wings – brick. He, for example, in the Academy of fine arts lectures on the history of the party and other such crap was not called for. The user even attempted to deduct. But the upperclassmen respected: saw that the main thing for Engel is a profession, pen, ink and watercolor.

Once the man Geychenko brought Engel in Sochi and brought to visit, Semyon Stepanovich. Sat at the table, began to eat. And Engel of excitement can not eat, the lump in her throat. He took out a notebook and began to draw those who sat at the table. When the feast was over, he showed what happened. Geychenko saw his art and all! Nasibulin liked him instantly. Probably, at this point, and decided was his fate. In any case, since Geychenko they became friends. And fancy him more and more began to take Alexander. Was he mischievous, funny, with a village ladies and alone. Pushkin gradually became clear to the Engel humanly, sometimes it seemed to him that they have long been familiar and even friendly.

Work nasibulina I know for a long time already, but personally I was not. Introduced us the current Director of the Pushkin reserve George Vasilevich. I received a small fine miniatures depicting Pushkin and several glasses of wonderful Italian wine, which is Engel, like me, loved.

the last time we met in the village of Pushkin Mountains. Engel had invited my son for dinner to his Peter. I promised to come and never came “rolled up”. What a fool…