the lack of people and industry in fish, there’s food and shelter.

Experts from the British Foundation “Sea horse” for the first time in many years found in the Bay of Studland (Dorset) population of endangered manta seahorse.

Divers counted 16 skates, including pregnant females and one teenager, born in this year.

According to biologist Neil Garrick-Maidment this is the largest number of seahorses found in the Gulf since 2008. Moreover, they did not see the skates in Studland for two years.

Publish from Dorset Bunkers (@jon_bunker) 21 Saint 2019 12:20 PDT

Experts attribute their appearance in the Bay with pandemia coronavirus. due the lack of people and boats began to recover algae in which the sea horses to find food and shelter, writes Metro.

Foundation Staff note that manta seahorse since 2008, is protected by law as endangered. But because now experts are thinking about after the UK’s exit from the isolation to keep the population of skates in the Gulf of Studland.

Catherine Gura

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