Emin Agalarov is going through a second divorce. After two years of relationship he broke up with Alena Gavrilova. Together they are raising one-year-old daughter Athena. In a new interview on the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!” the actor admitted, why not have kept the marriage, and also dispelled rumors about Affairs with other women. He remembered how he became a star and revealed plans for the future.

Emin admitted that he had never received pocket money, and as a teenager even washed car Windows in the center of Moscow to have personal earnings. The singer was also limited to the charges when he lived in the United States. To ask mom for money he was ashamed, so went to work. The future millionaire was a dresser, a gas attendant and even sold things on the Internet. After his studies, he began to help the father to develop a family business.

By his first wife Leyla Aliyeva, he has two sons, born in 2008, and foster daughter Amina. With children he sees regularly and actively involved in their lives. The actor admitted that the use of the system of education of his father.

“I’m trying, so that they understand that if they want something, especially money, such as in crystals (the game) to their mobile phones, they have to do something — to exercise, lose weight, do homework. I try to act in this direction. Want to learn to earn. But I spend a little time with them, now this pandemic, and I can’t go, but plan to fix it. I want them to spend more time,” — said Emin.

He noted that in his youth wanted to earn money so he wants his children to know the price of them, and sought to prosperity on their own. One of the sons of Ali often publishes photos with the stars. Leading asked, not reaching the boy to show business.

“Yes, stretches. We talked to him on the subject. I have a position regarding my children. I want them to support. But as my father said, no matter what you chose the direction, the main thing to get success in this”, — said Agalarov.

He stressed that he is an artist without the support of parents. If son wants to sing, the Emin will not resist it.

“We will discuss with him. Maybe I’ll give him the initial capital may be in debt, can the credit. We find a configuration at which it will understand that something is at risk, and will understand what it works”, — said the artist.