the Singer from Azerbaijan Emin Agalarov said that divorcing his wife, model Alena Gavrilova. In his Instagram he posted a photo from their wedding.

In the signature, he admitted that “it was a really happy day” in their lives. However, the then 40-year-old singer notes that not everything turned out the way they planned.

At that, Emin said that he is sincerely grateful 32-year-old Gavrilova “for every day” and “a wonderful daughter of Athena”. Agalarov added that he left to the former wife in the sense of “great respect and gratitude”. According to him, now their task is the education of her daughter.

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meanwhile, fans immediately rushed to learn the details in Gavrilova. But she asked “to give her time to think”. Probably, the decision Agalarov was a surprise even to herself.

“I really painful and hard! And today is the birthday of my mom…” she said in her stories.

For Emin this was the second marriage. Prior to that, he was almost 12 years married to the daughter of President Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva. They had two sons. For Gavrilova Agalarov was married 1.5 years.