the Russian fighter of the mixed style Alexander Emelyanenko reacted with irony to talk about the intention of the presenter Vladimir Solovyov to try himself in Boxing. Earlier, the showman, showed a video of their training.

Fedor said that he is amused by news of a possible Boxing match 56-year-old TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov and 59-year-old actor Nikita Dzhigurda

“Very funny. They have the sand pours out of your ass, and they all climb into the ring, all of them want to fight”, – quotes the words of a soldier “Sport-Express”. Emelianenko added that the sport “rocked” because now they all want to be athletes.

Earlier between Vladimir Soloviev and Vasily Utkin had a conflict that grew into many days of verbal sparring. Solovyov sports commentator threatened with physical violence, promising to “punch it in the dome” and “to bend the first blow”, and also advised the opponent “look around”. Threat TV host to Utkin did not like the eccentric actor Nikita Dzhigurda, so it caused Soloviev to fight.

In response, Vladimir R. has posted training videos, which demonstrated his Boxing skills. In the video the background song “Can’t Be Touched” (free translation – “Untouchables”), which in 2004 recorded the legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr., former undisputed world champion in the light heavyweight category.

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