The family of Helen malyshevoy a great joy. 87-year-old Galina Aleksandrovna, mother of teledoctor won coronavirus!

Two weeks elderly woman spent in the ICU more than a month in the hospital, but now she’s home and healthy.

Of course, you will need rehabilitation, but all this is secondary. The main thing is that we managed to cope with the dangerous disease.

In honor of the recovery of Elena Malysheva gave my mom a celebratory dinner at her favorite “Bosco café”.

The video, which depicted this “publication”, Malysheva posted on instagram.

“go with mom to the restaurant and absolutely happy. When I came to my mom’s in the red zone, I remembered how on March 9 took her to “Bosco café”. I wanted to come here again with my mother. I’m happy that mom won coronavirus. Thank you to all the doctors who treated her!”, – said Phil.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Malysheva called coronavirus, a new type of “miracle of the miraculous”, since they almost never get sick children.

Publish from Elena Malysheva ( 27 Jun 2020 8:32 PDT