well-Known Russian actress Ekaterina Klimova is an active blogger. Often her photos and videos are gaining hundreds of thousands of views and many enthusiastic comments. Having a bright appearance never ceases to invent new plot points for your Instagram. Here and today’s video with wash the mirror in a silk night shirt in a matter of hours gained more than 130 thousand views.

In the video, Catherine appeared with slick back hair, a pink bow, large glasses and a silk night shirt that emphasized the shape of her Breasts. The plot of the movie the girl looks at herself in the mirror, then splashes of cleaner and starts to clean. But then having a hand with a rag once she sees herself in the black translucent dress and a white dress with a white fan.

subscribers to the blog of the actress did not deny himself the pleasure once again to Express favorite compliments.

“You always look gorgeous,” wrote one of the fans.

“nays titis,” said another.

“You are to face any role!”, – wrote one of the readers, meaning that in the short video, Klimov managed to actually play three mini-role.

Publish from Ekaterina Klimova (@klimovagram) 30 May, 2020 at 2:32 PDT

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