The words of Michael Ephraim that he is not opposition, but a clown, and has nothing against the person of Vladimir Putin, led to a wave of criticism online. Some bloggers believe that the actor renounced his ideals.

Statement of Ephraim made the day before, produced the effect of bombs in social networks.

“I have nothing against the person of Putin. Why do I have to treat the poor man who feeds us — we, artists, movie makers. After all, we all remember the decline was the culture before… I’m an artist, a clown, and not the opposition,” – said the actor.

“As it pressed so "I’m an artist, I’m just a clown… opposition!"… the Bacteria is in you, not the artist.”

“same merged Quickly Efremov!”, “That’s what sobriety is life-giving to do!” – commentators write.

Some are of the opinion that Efremov decided to save the body, not the soul.

There are those who believe that the repentance of Ephraim will appoint compulsory treatment instead of real time.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that the lawyer Pashayev told about the calls Ephraim from the Ukrainian propagandists. They tried to link the accident with the policy because the accident occurred shortly before a vote on amendments to the Constitution.

However, Yefremov stated that President Putin had asked him to sit behind the wheel of a car, and he does not consider himself a member of the opposition.