The tank will not remove the lawyer from the Elman Pashayev actor Mikhail Efremov. About the Pasha said, “StarHit”.

On 8 June, as reported by “the Rambler”, Efremov intoxicated behind the wheel of the car “Jeep Grand Cherokee” (Jeep Grand Cherokee) drove into oncoming traffic on Smolensk square in Moscow and collided with a car Lada (Lada).

Yefremov refused to plead guilty in fatal accident

The driver “Frets” has died. In relation to Ephraim opened a criminal case on violation of traffic rules. He hired to represent their interests Pashayeva and some time later was placed under house arrest. Yesterday the media reported that the actor can replace the lawyer before the court.

“You got me a tank from him will be removed!” — said Pashayev today.

He expressed the opinion that the detractors rinse it to get rid of and destroy Ephraim, and assured that they will not succeed, as he had with the actor a very warm and trusting relationship, and Efremov — a very smart man and understands everything.

Also Pashayev and praised herself for the first time in judicial practice case, when the accused in the crime committed by the actor, was sent under house arrest and not in custody.