Economist Mikhail Khazin believes that Friday’s fall of the ruble is directly linked to yesterday’s decision of the Ministry of Finance. Recall that the Agency gave the nod to three years to withdraw dividends in the offshore without paying taxes.

the national Course on Friday continued to decline on the stock exchange. Thus, the Euro for the first time since March, soared to 87.6 ruble, and the dollar rose to 74 rubles.

According to Khazin, the Friday the fall of the ruble due to the decision of the Ministry of Finance to extend to 2024 the ability of dividends abroad tax. “Now, the oligarchs are pulling money and buy foreign currency”, – told the economist in an interview with NSN. The expert called it a sabotage against the country, since devaluation will inevitably affect the population.

In turn, the economist Denis Raksha believes that the fall of the ruble is connected with the American economy showed in the second quarter, a record decline. “Out of the dollar and into other assets such as gold and the Euro, but because people are moving from rubles to those assets that are growing,” – said the expert and added that the Russian economy is also “not give reason to keep funds in rubles.”

on Thursday, the Finance Ministry agreed to set three-year transition period allowed to pay dividends abroad at a zero tax rate, reported “Kommersant”.

the Agency proposes to retain the exemption for Russian companies and for foreign firms voluntarily changed its residency to the Russian. This firm must not be registered in the black list of countries offshore, and the Russian tax authorities must be aware of which account credited dividends.