Fresh survey showed that 83% of Russians in certain circumstances agree to work in areas that are occupied by migrant workers. 35% will go to such a move in a critical situation – and she, judging by negative forecasts of economists, is not far off. And only 16% will never work as janitors or builders.

analysis of large service recruitment interviewed 10 of thousands of Russians over 18 years to figure out how they relate to labour migration, have you noticed any changes in connection with the coronavirus restrictions and ready to replace on the labor market of immigrants from neighboring countries. The survey took place from 24 to 28 July.

the Respondents in particular the question was asked: “How do you feel about the fact that because of the closed borders, migrant workers can not enter the territory of the Russian Federation?” Positively said 24%. 43% treated the problem of migrants is neutral, 0% negative, 7% expressed regret. Thus a total of 43% of respondents believe that it is “good”.

Quite a few have not noticed a reduction in the number of migrants or, conversely, believe that their number increased. The decrease in the number of migrants noted residents of the North Caucasus, Siberian and far Eastern Federal districts. Many Muscovites (25%) shared that migrants, according to their subjective feeling, was much more or that their number has not changed (25%).

Almost half (46%) of Russians do not agree with the statement that the influx of migrants is needed. 27% believe that migrants support the economy, another 27% were undecided. Most of those who consider migrants as competitors, resides in the Central Federal district (40%). There’s also one of the largest proportions of respondents who believe that labour migration is not necessary for the maintenance of the Russian economy (48%). 35% of respondents believe that immigrants increase competition for jobs.

Among males, those who feel the competition, significantly more (41%) than among women (29%). A high proportion of those who feel competition in Moscow and 43%.

the results of the study, we commented on the Chairman of the Central Committee of trade Union of labour migrants Renat Karimov

– We see that the survey shows a high motivation of Russian citizens to work, including places that are now occupied or have been occupied by visitors. This is good, in my opinion, the trend. The number of migrants will be reduced. People are leaving the opportunity to move back in they have not always. We welcome the willingness to work of the Russians.

How to change the number of migrant workers with the opening of the air service?

– first Let the border open. We don’t really believe in it. And so a certain number will come, some will leave. It’s like two pipes: one flows from the other flows. SKOonly people will come, we don’t know.

– a Third of Russians believe that immigrants increase competition. Agree?

– there would be migrants, there would be no competition. Want to sit home – sit, not want – to go to work. Or want to go to work as a janitor – go, no one bothers. We believe that migrants have arrived so much, how many possible jobs in the Russian Federation.

the Director of the school of educational training of migrants Elena Bakasov believes that the Russians are spoiled

– In 1970-1980th years worked, the Russians, Muscovites including janitors, handymen. People worked anyone, if only to feed the family.

– whether Russia is now to provide all labour and resources without workers?

– you Can. People will go to work – but where to go? Coronavirus showed that without the migrants who have to work.

– Where the Russians will go to work in the least?

– I think the hardest laborers to work on construction sites, of course.