Teachers want to provide an extended leave, the right to early retirement and the salary not below the average for the region as in old Soviet times. The bill in this initiative is now considered in the state Duma.

The adoption of the law should raise the status of teachers and improve working conditions and to solve the problem of shortage of teachers, including in rural areas. So, teachers will return to the leave of 56 calendar days or 48 working, allowing the summer, RIA Novosti reported.

This, in turn, will improve the quality of teachers..And the teachers will establish a base salary for 18 hours at least 70% of the average wage in the region. Such a ruling, the state Duma released in July 2019, now it is proposed to implement. It is the teacher’s job on a bet, not two, as is now considered.

In different regions and some teachers receive five times less than others. For the same work educator in the capital may receive more than 100 thousand rubles, in the region of 15-20 thousand rubles.

It is also proposed to return to the state for retirement, according to Soviet principles. According to him, after 25 years, teachers are eligible for early retirement.

It is known that the teacher’s job leads to a rapid emotional burnout. Now according to the law on raising the retirement age early retirement is postponed for five years.

The introduction of the document is on consideration in the state Duma is scheduled for September of this year.

Earlier reported that the Director of the Department of state policy and management in the sphere of General education Ministry of education Eugene Semchenko said that the Agency for 20 years the exam is faced with trying to make ratings of the schools by exam results. According to him, the teacher may not be to blame for the low scores of the student.