TV Presenter and head of the Moscow city clinical hospital named after M. E. Radkevich Alexander Myasnikov, the TV channel “Russia 1” recalled the importance of the consumption of unsweetened water during the heat.

“it is Necessary to monitor the urine, it should be light. If it becomes dark then you are dehydrated,” he shared details of the doctor.

According to the doctor, diuretics means you shouldn’t accept.

in addition, the butchers advised to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, including sweets and pastries, to prevent swelling of legs. Eating the doctor advised vegetables and fruit, because in hot weather the body to recycle them easier than meat or foods high in fat.

the Presenter also reminded about the need to monitor the quality of the products — in the heat are not to be left out of the refrigerator more than two hours, otherwise there is a probability that they will spoil.