a Famous Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov called “nonsense” razgovori that the two sides of masks intended for different purposes.

he told About it on the YouTube channel stopmanager.of the Russian Federation. We are talking about disposable medical masks with one side blue, the other white.

“a New feature from the conspiracy theorists or just dreamers psycho — supposedly, if You are sick, the mask must be worn with the white side to face, and if you want to protect yourself, on the contrary, outside. Of course, this is nonsense,” said the butchers.

the Mask can be worn either side, assured the doctor.

“it is Important that hard edge with a clamp tightly to the nose. Microbes will be the same build up as on the blue and white surface. This was confirmed in the Ministry of emergency situations”, — he added.

Days earlier, Dr. Myasnikov, head of the information centre to monitor the situation with a new type of coronavirus, called on Russians to show humility and to stop being afraid of infection. According to him, “who should die — die”.

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