the Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov, better known as doctor butcher, spoke about his real estate. Video interview with Vladimir Solovyov is available on YouTube.

Answering the questions on income, the butchers said: “I get a lot of money, really a lot of money. When I write the Declaration, all the time wondering: is this where, where the money? Start to watch — I spend”.

According to Myasnikova, he has a small one bedroom apartment in “Stalinka”, where they lived explorers (there’s even been the daughter of Joseph Stalin Svetlana Alliluyeva). “But there are only 68 square meters, without repair,” — said the doctor. The butchers also owns a house in the village (108 kilometers from Moscow) with an area of 240 “squares” with a bath and a library. Dr. he bought the adjacent areas, the result is a real farm with a pond — almost a hectare. The estate was worth at the time of purchase nine thousand dollars (about 640 thousand rubles).

abroad, the doctor has an apartment in Paris (29 square meters). On the contrary in the Studio live son Myasnikov, who was born in France and now is studying there. The doctor emphasizes that the Studio is already the home of the son. He added that at the time of purchase took an apartment in debt, then it was worth around eight million rubles.

butchers since 2010 works as the chief physician of the Moscow hospital No. 71 of them. M. E. Radkevich. The doctor was a confidant of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections of 2018 and Sergei Sobyanin on elections of the mayor of Moscow. Butchers also starred in the video in support of the amendments to the Russian Constitution. Appears regularly in the program “About the main thing” on TV channel “Russia 1”.