TV Presenter and doctor Alexander explained to the Telegram, that the Russians almost no one understands why you need to wear gloves. All it seems that in order to protect the skin from the coronavirus from the transmission. But it’s not. The true purpose of the gloves is much more prosaic.

“Gloves – just to protect your skin from irritation from constant hand-washing or antiseptics,” – said Myasnikov. This itself is the glove serves the same source of viruses and bacteria as unwashed hands. But the hands need to constantly handle antiseptic after contact. The doctor during his work shift changes a whole box of gloves. Therefore, gloves can be either change, or treated with antiseptic.

therefore, said the butchers, a very unwise thing by those who wear cloth gloves. Either they need to change a hundred times a day, or they are contagious. Antiseptic these gloves cannot be processed. To wash a hundred times, too, will fail.

as for the masks, then, as stressed by butchers wearing them is better than nothing. But from the coronavirus, they do not save. Just the saliva from patients that may not know, less is distributed in the air. “But if you’re alone in the car, in the Park, don’t wear it. Snot, saliva, evaporation is an ideal environment for all viruses and bacteria,” said the expert.

the Most effective way to avoid infection Myasnikov considers distancing. Other people need to stay away. “Feel free to make a comment, if you someone clinging”, – gave advice to the presenter.

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