Dr. butcher pointed out the danger of the ventilator

Photos: youtube.com/Соловьев LIVE

the Doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known as the doctor of butchers from the program “About the main thing” on the channel “Russia 1” said that the ventilators can be a source of infection.

“Every second patient on a ventilator receives nosocomial infection, it’s very, very not sugar,” he said in the program “nightingales Live”.

the Medic also denied the media publications who have written that 70 per cent are connected to the mechanical ventilation of patients die, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

the Physician added, that the apparatus requires only seriously sick people, which explains the increased mortality among these patients.

butcher has previously stated that individual risks in the coronavirus is equal to zero, and the virus proved to be useful as “the world saw this pandemic, he’s not ready.”

Russia has in recent days been 1 786 new cases of coronavirus.

the country became infected with a new virus over 11.9 thousand people. For the entire period recorded 94 fatalities, recovered 795.

Hospital and ambulance in Moscow are at the limit

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