a well-Known doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov spoke about how they will decide the mode of isolation, which was introduced in Russia from the outbreak of coronavirus. According to him, whatever the government’s decision to renew or cancel, each option has its disadvantages.

According to Myasnikov, the regime of self-isolation “quietly” working with one hand most of the people sitting at home, and with another – in the same Moscow, for example, on the streets continues to receive a considerable number of people. The situation remains precarious, and it all depends on how you will in the near future to develop disease.

“now gave relief, opened them a job, but, if it is a week to begin a sharp increase, it is clear that all will have to hit back,” said butcher in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

He stressed that the decision to cancel the quarantine is not based only on medical data, you must also take into account socio-economic factors, as well as mental state of society. If you cancel the restrictions, it could entail risks in the form of increased mortality. Someone will die from coronavirus, and it is an argument against the abolition of self-isolation. But the extension of self-isolation can have negative consequences.

“the People will go crazy in the flats and say everything is bad…” – said Myasnikov.

Therefore, we have to admit that one solution that would suit all, simply not, said the doctor.

“Thank God, I did not decide”, he added.

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