Elena Malinnikova called the basic principle of any physician during the epidemic: all patients with cold symptoms, seeking treatment, should be regarded as potentially sick COVID-19. That is, when providing assistance to any patient, the doctor and the hospital in General, have to perform all the necessary preventive measures.

“In this regard, all doctors, without exception, as leading patients in clinics or working in hospitals, should use personal protective equipment, – said Elena Malinnikova. In COVID-hospitals it’s a protective suit, cap, goggles, dust mask and gloves, in a non-infectious medical institutions – required a mask and gloves”.

Special attention, according to Malinnikova should be given training for the treatment of PPE. Need to teach staff to properly put on PPE and remove them. “Even just improper handling of the mask can cause the infection,” warned Elena Malinnikova. The heads of departments are responsible for ensuring staff protection, and for organizing such training.

the Ministry of health require that before each working shift, the physicians themselves to monitor its condition, and the repeated control with temperature measurement needs to be established at the medical post at the entrance to the institution.

In case of revealing of signs of a cold need to perform a certain sequence of actions: the employee reports its status to the chief physician and he was excluded from work, tested for coronavirus and either sent to a two-week quarantine, or hospitalitynet.

in addition, all employees of health facilities should undergo a “preventive” testing at least once a week.