the health Ministry “RG” was told that is preparing to launch a unified system, which remotely can be identified in the early stages of cancer to remotely assign patients to treatment and to control its dynamics. The system was developed in 2019 under the guidance of leading experts of national medical research centers. Today “telemedicine technology is already actively involved in the process of medical care”, said the Ministry of health.

In the Irkutsk region the patients from the provinces can remotely receive advice of experienced professionals. Six months ago, on the basis of the Irkutsk regional clinical hospital opened a telemedicine Centre, which is now daily carried out about 20 consultations, particularly the demand for them has grown in the period of the pandemic coronavirus. Doctors get in touch with around the clock and seven days a week. Seek advice from more experienced professionals and doctors themselves, often on the management of patients neurological, cardiac and renal profiles.

In the Sakhalin region with the help of telemedicine technologies has managed to save a newborn baby that was born at the end of last year with a large tumor. The doctors appealed to the Federal centre. After a few online sessions and study of documents it was decided to send the child to Moscow to the Scientific Center of children’s health.

“the Question was decided just a few days. It was important as soon as possible to arrange treatment tumor threatened the life of a child. Thanks to telemedicine, the young patient was urgently operated. Now this is a healthy and active boy,” – said the chief doctor of the regional children’s hospital of Larisa Fateyeva.

In Dagestan, the new online service enables physicians to assign patients a treatment that helps to reduce medical errors and complications in clinical practice. Artificial intelligence instantly assesses the compatibility of products, warning of the contraindications and age restrictions, in each case, any allergic reaction, proposes the replacement of drugs among peers.

the possibility of telemedicine today is bordering on fiction. According to a member of the Board of Russian society of clinical Oncology Ilya Timofeev, today is possible to determine the histological type of tumor. As the expert explained, the lab is preparing a special cut that is digitized and high resolution at the level of the microscope to be loaded to a cloud server so it could explore the experts who are, for example, in another city.

According to Timofeev, very soon without a doctor can make a layout of malignancy. He explained that before radiation around the tumor is planned circuit, which then gets radiation therapy. In the near future, robotic program using CT itself will indicate contour. Such development is already there.

it is possible that instead of the usual coming robotic surgery. “Today, robots are already doing them with a doctor’s help when the hands of intelligent machines repeat the movement of the joystick by the surgeon. But today, robots operate on the animals with a precision that is inaccessible to man,” – said the expert.

the doctor-the otolaryngologist of the clinic Hadassah Medical Jaroslav Zbyshko on the online reception remotely measures patients body temperature, listens to the noises in the lungs and heart, examining mucous membranes and skin, inspects ENT-organs. “All of this is already in effect. Of course, remote diagnosis is not intended, however, the doctor can identify the problem, to develop diagnostic card and give recommendations to prevent the development of undesirable consequences. If the patient has already been to the doctor and received a recommendation for treatment, using telemedicine consultations to assess the dynamics of the disease and effectiveness of treatment,” he said.