Russian actor Dmitry Nagiyev concealed from his wife Natalia Kovalenko secret daughter.

The daughter of Dmitry Nagiyev living with his mother Anna Spektor in the apartment, which the artist gave them. The girl is eight years old and her name is Peace.

Moscow passion Nagiyev lives on Novorizhskoe highway, in the cottage, located in the village “knyazhye Lake”. There a few years ago Nagiyev bought a ready-made two-storey house with 4 bedrooms with an area of 265 sq. m. these houses in this village are about 30 million rubles. In this mansion, Anna settled with her daughter from Nagiyev — reports KP.RU.

The portal noted that the beloved have been Dating for 15 years but not legally married.

Anna Spector 45 years, she is an old fan of Dima. She’s meeting with Nagiyev about 15 years. When Kovalenko became the secret common-law wife and began to equip them with Dima St. Petersburg nest, Naghiyev started to go on tour alone. Or accompanied by Anne. In her honor he named his charitable Fund “Anna”, — cited the words of a friend of the actor on the portal KP.RU.

It is noted that the daughter of Dmitry Nagiyev is very similar to his father. He acknowledged her officially and in the World bears the name of Nagiyev. Anna Spektor is trying to keep my private life private, she has no accounts in social networks.

Wrote recently Dmitry Nagiyev first spoke about his wife. He noted that she “was promoted to the General’s”. The actor announced that his wife accepts it with all faults.