on 1 June was to begin divorce proceedings between Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny, but the epidemic of the coronavirus brings to life adjustments – the courts are still out in full force. Meanwhile, Agatha, after a difficult breakup with Paul’s new life begins. The actress decided to transform a personal drama into work. For the first time, agate said, and that someone helps her today.

the Complex relationship of Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo discuss fans and secular chroniclers for two years: the performers then converged, then diverged. In March, agate in public (video artist placed in the social network) has admitted that this time — just the end of the relationship, their love story ended.

“MK” tried to find out at what stage the separation of the actors. The representative of Paul and Agatha Miriam definitive answer to our question about the breakup.

— I never comment on the personal lives of their wards, and the beginning of Mariam. It is wrong and unnecessary.

— After a bad breakup Agata feels like?

— in Agatha everything is fine. All projects that appear, they are all rotations. People in the work. Agatha hides nothing from the fans, actively engaged social network and share the latest news with the audience. “Exclusive” only as they want journalists. The guys (Paul and Agatha) dialogue, respect for each other. So… All is well. Each of them is in the works.

Agatha decided to try his hand as an interviewer? (The actress new show – “MK”)

— This is not true, not an interview. Rather, it is a dialogue format. Agate communicates with the guests, they lead the conversation, asking questions of each other — divorce is on the honesty of, say, a play on words. The show had a lot of comments, good views, we shot pool – 6 programs. Prepare the release with the Joker by Catherine Barnabas (which also recently split), where there will be real questions and honest answers.

Recently there was a issue with actor Alexander Moss, oddly enough, the audience accepted it, although there was a risk that he will not gain hits, but we were in the trend. Alexander is interesting because it is from the male side expressed his opinion on the divorce as it is experienced by men. Mokhov a fine actor — a student of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, wisely shared experiences.

Later, personally from Agatha, we managed to obtain a small comment regarding the issue with Alexander Moss.

I actually watched the interview with Alexander Moss three times, four, ‘ began Agatha. — Each time discovering new quotes, truth, wisdom. I hope that we will have more such guests, because it’s gorgeous, interesting, new. Another generation, whose members look at our planet differently through a completely different prism. Such people as Alexander, mucht, which is very important.

Show the actress has helped hundreds of women. After the next release of Agatha and her team get letters from people who have also started a new life in 2020.

Agatha often women write: “Thank you, I got divorced. It would take 10-15 years.” Also come other answers after editions: “Thanks, I’m not divorced”. Our mission is to convey to people is that between spouses there should be a dialogue. Even in the issue with the Moss, you can find glimpses… Maybe someday it so happens that Agatha with Paul back together… Who knows.