Terrible find in the Danube: A canoeist finds a boy’s corpse wrapped in a plastic bag. The criminal police are investigating.

A body recovered from the Danube in Upper Bavaria a few days ago is a child. As the police reported on Monday, the forensic examination showed that it was a preschool boy. The identity and cause of death are still unclear. First, the “Bild” newspaper reported about it.

A canoeist saw something floating in the Danube near Vohburg an der Donau (Pfaffenhofen district) on Thursday and brought it ashore with his paddle. It wasn’t until the weekend that it became clear that it was a human body.

After a small child choked on the payment aid, the product is now being recalled across Europe. Customers should under no circumstances give the help to their children.

Christoph Wilhelm loses more than 153 kilograms. He managed to lose weight with a drastic and disciplined change in his diet. Because Wilhelm does without any carbohydrates for years.

Is our universe possibly not the only one? Are we just part of a larger whole and is there a second reality next to ours? A model of science addresses these very questions. Now the first hints for the parallel universe theory appear.