Instead of a penalty for poor provision of housing services or the supply of resources with disruptions in Russia do offer consumers a discount rate. The corresponding bill state Duma deputies intend to consider in the first reading at the meeting on Wednesday, may 27.

Today for the provision of housing services in violation of the established requirements the responsible person or entity required to pay the consumer a penalty. It is established by the Government of the Russian Federation. However, such a scheme has a number of disadvantages, stated in the explanatory note to the bill.

In particular, the amount of the fine need to pay income tax, the amount, however, in practice, is lower administrative costs to pay. Consumers are required to submit a Declaration of income or those who are in it for the tax deduction, forced to wait longer for inquiries about personal income tax was paid. And in addition, the increase of tax payments, collateral penalties, later need to consider in tariffs.

Thus, the current system of penalties for substandard utility services or supply resources shortages, inconvenient to all parties: resource providers, customers and authorities. Therefore, the authors of the bill propose in such cases to change the size of a payment for utilities. Namely, to make allowances at the rate of HCS in the order established by the Government of the Russian Federation.