Diamonds on the teeth Kirkorov in a new music video with boyfriend Buzova David Manukyan stand as odnushku in Moscow. Jewelry cost the singer in the amount of not less than five million rubles.

The artist himself confessed that he had never had such accessories. Grillz made in one of the capital’s hospitals to order and decorated with the logo of the brand, which is sung in the video “rolex”, writes KP.RU.

Jewelry made of precious metal, inlaid with stones. Kirkorov dentists have tried to produce jewelry for seven days, although their creation usually takes two weeks.

Grillz perfectly reflect the message of the video — so I decided to try this attribute. Luxury! — shared his impressions of the man.

all While practicing math skills: count the cost of shoes #airdior, know the price of my precious teeth, I calculated the price of the gift for @dava_m … 💸 I bothered and left you for dessert, their outfits and accessories @louisvuitton in the new clip #rolex Prepare calculators – you definitely will have something to discuss💰tomorrow! 🧨 #ropinerole Style by @arsenairapetov Hairstyle by @di_ladywhiphead

Publish from Philip (@fkirkorov) 11 Aug 2020 at 3:54 PDT

Earlier reported that the Russian musician and blogger David Manukyan, known as Dava, issued a joint clip with the singer Philip Kirkorov. In the video a man appeared in the form of rapper with African braids and performs the recitative under the auto-tune.