Travel blogger Nastia Tropical, who died in an accident as a result of falling from a motorcycle in Bali was not speeding, said her boyfriend, Victor. According to him, the death of his girlfriend was accidental, reports Starhit.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the incident occurred on June 12. Tropical during a trip to the Indonesian island on a motorcycle at high speed lost control and fell. The result from the received traumas the girl has died. Tropical blogged in Instagram. At the time of his death her page was signed by 1.1 million users.

“she always drove safer and neater all, and what happened to her — accident,” – said the boyfriend of a blogger named Victor.

He stressed that the day of the tragedy Tropical went “on the road” at speeds of about 80-100 kilometers per hour, which is permitted by local traffic regulations. The cause of the fall of the girl, he said, was “wobbling” – a sudden sway of the motorcycle.

“the Cause of death of Anastasia: not keep his balance and turned to the right and crashed into a barrier, helmet Nastia did not help”, – quotes the edition of words of the relatives of the deceased.

Victor, in turn, urged social media users not to exaggerate the details of the tragedy, and “to pray, to meditate and say Nastia gratitude”.